Common Yellowthroat Spotted at My Birdbath

I bought a birdbath back in December 2015, filled it with water and waited anxiously to see what birds would visit it. Over the last 3 months Blue Jays have used it the most. I have also seen Northern Cardinals, Palm Wablers and a few blackbirds at the birdbath.

I have seen a Common Yellowthroat a few times but they are so alert that the slightest sound would chase them away. However today I was fortunate to grab a few shots of this male Yellowthroat while hiding behind my Recycle Bin. Here are three of the better shots.

CommonYellowthroat-Backyard_FB57514 CommonYellowthroat-Backyard_FB57548 CommonYellowthroat-Backyard_FB57503
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