Common Yellowthroat Spotted at My Birdbath

I bought a birdbath back in December 2015, filled it with water and waited anxiously to see what birds would visit it. Over the last 3 months Blue Jays have used it the most. I have also seen Northern Cardinals, Palm Wablers and a few blackbirds at the birdbath.

I have seen a Common Yellowthroat a few times but they are so alert that the slightest sound would chase them away. However today I was fortunate to grab a few shots of this male Yellowthroat while hiding behind my Recycle Bin. Here are three of the better shots.

CommonYellowthroat-Backyard_FB57514 CommonYellowthroat-Backyard_FB57548 CommonYellowthroat-Backyard_FB57503

Painted Bunting At My Birdbath

Today my birdbath attracted a bird I have never seen before. I had to ask the “experts” at a bird forum to help me identify this bird. My new visitor is a Painted Bunting or to be exact a female or juvenile Painted Bunting. This distinction is important because the male Painted Bunting is an extremely colorful creature with bright blue head, red throat, yellow shoulders and areas of green, brown and orange all over its body. Hopefully the female wii bring her male partner to the birdbath soon.

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