Birds Spotted at Markham Park

Markham Park is in West Broward in the City of Sunrise, Florida. It is one of the larger parks in Broward County and is more known for activities rather than nature or wildlife.

The park has facilities for volleyball, disc golf and camping. It has a designated area for model plane flying and Remote Car racing. There are moderate to difficult mountain bike trails, a dog park and a gun range. There are boat ramps on the south side of the park near the canal. If you want big open space to run around, jog and cycle this is the park for you. You can enter Markham Park via State Road 84 or Weston Road.

I stop by the park for lunch a few times and just sit and watch the model planes. On one of my recent visits I heard the sounds of birds so I grabbed my camera for a few shots. During about 20 minutes of shooting I saw warblers, Blue Jays and a Blue-headed Vireo. I also saw a Great Egret a short distance away. Here are the better images from today (Feb 9th):

BlueheadedVireo-MarkhamPark_FB54278 YellowRumpedWarbler-MarkhamPark_FB54256 GreatEgret-MarkhamPark_FB54300

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