Birds Spotted in Southwest Ranches & Davie

On my way to Southwest Regional Library I decided to drive along SW 172 Ave in Southwest Ranches rather than Highway I-75. I was on the lookout for medium-sized and large birds perched on branches or power lines. Fortunately I spotted what appeared to be a medium-sized bird, I made a U-Turn and parked to the side of the road. I focused my lens on what turned out to be an American Kestrel. After several “shots” I left for the library and then headed for Vista View Park.

Here are the better photographs from today’s shoot. (Monday Mar 14th)

AmericanKestrel-SW172AVE_FB56964 AmericanKestrel-SW172AVE_FB56969
AmericanKestrel-SW172AVE_FB57006 BurrowingOwl-VistaViewPark_FB57054
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